Imagine Dat!  The (after) life of Jimmy Durante

written & performed by Jon Freda 
directed by Eren T. Gibson

Jon Freda has always appreciated the grandmasters of comedy from the vaudeville and nightclub eras. 

This passion plus decades of honing his craft in theatre, film and TV is evident in his portrayal of Jimmy Durante.

Performing this journey of an 

Italian American icon, in cooperation with the Estate of Jimmy Durante, allows Joto reach out to wider audiences who can appreciate the accomplishments of this wonderful man who brought happiness and laughter to so many.

In addition to Off-Broadway and regional theatre credits, Jon's recent film credits include Luc Besson’s  The Family, Run, Crooked & Narrow , and Friends & Romans,  TV credits include The Blacklist, Law & Order SVU,  & Nikki & Sarah LiveMore of Jon’s work can be seen at his IMDB LINK.